Company Profile


T Machinery, a.s.was established in 2003. It is one of the important production/engineering companies in the area of mining technology and at the same time the only producer in the Czech Republic which is able to design, produce, deliver and put into operation the whole mining complex. Historically, the company picked up the threads of traditional production in this area that have existed in the South Moravia for more than 80 years. The mine Tomáš was established for mechanized lignite mining for power needs of the concern company “BAŤA” in the 1930´s.

T Machinery a. s.  fulfils two basic strategic targets:

·         Production innovation in the area of mining machinery

·         Maximization of success of the produced technologies, particularly in foreign markets

The company production program:

Production of the company is directed at excavating mining complexes in coal, underground mines that consist of the following technology:

Development and production of MB series continuous miners, coal rake conveyor C3K with different height of E-profile, mechanized hydraulic reinforcements in order to secure mining space including their control, coal mining conveyor, machining and production of spare parts, all electrical accessories and regulation of automated mining. T Machinery, a.s. provides a comprehensive service and training activity.

Corporate culture

Corporate culture of the company is based upon professionalism, expertness and team work of top specialists. These pre-conditions form a significant development potential and dynamics of the company. No success would be possible without professional knowledge and experience of our employees. Top quality and loyal employees are considered to be the main source of success for T Machinery, a.s.

Business activity

95% of the company nowadays production is exported. Since its foundation, T Machinery, a.s. has been directed at co-operation with partners from the Middle and East European countries. It also searches export opportunities in other territories. Company activities involve complex of services, designing, engineering and servicing. Important competitive advantage of the company is its ability to realize complex projects with provision of individual demands and requirements of customers.  Experience of T Machinery, a.s. is at appropriate level for almost all mining options.


Export activities of the company T Machinery, a.s. are currently directed at complete deliveries of mining machinery and they are important potential of further development of the company. The company's largest export share is in Ukrainian and Russian markets, but it also sells machines and machinery e.g. to Vietnam.


T Machinery´s, a.s. team of experts still intensively develops new machines that comply with world's criteria. In order to maximize increase in efficiency and minimize physical work to eliminate the negative influence of human factor on operation, which always brings higher safety during performance of all mining activities. The company´s main interest is to continue in 80 year long tradition of quality mining machinery production in the South Moravia.

Exporter of 2012

Dynamic growth of the company is documented by its 6th place in the competition of Exporter of 2012 in the category of big exporters "Growth of export in 2010-2011“.